Re-Upholster or Replace ? 

At Rise Healthcare we have addressed this very question. The replacement of items such as couches can be very expensive for Hospitals, however, these items do get damaged and when damaged may be a breeding ground for bacteria such as MRSA and Influenza. 
In normal use the vinyl that covers couches can be cleaned using an anti-bacterial cleaning fluid, unfortunately, this is not possible when the foam has been exposed due to a tear/rip in the vinyl thus making the couch a place where cross contamination can take place. 
Here at Rise Healthcare we can offer a re-upholstery service for these couches as a cost-effective solution to the problem. The couches are collected from your premises and brought to our workshop where the original vinyl is removed and a new clinically tested Healthcare grade Vinyl is applied. The couch is then returned to you in a safe condition for reuse. 
The vinyl used for re-upholstery conforms to Healthcare recommendations and is resistant to the likes of MRSA and e-Coli and has anti-microbial properties. The vinyl also conforms to BS5852:2006 for flammability ignition source 5 and is highly durable having bydirectional stretch. 
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